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Daily maintenance of asphalt mixing plant

As the core of the asphalt mixing plant, the control system design has been introduced with you, and then the next is about its daily maintenance. Do not ignore this aspect, good maintenance will also play a role in the control system working process, so as to promote the use effect of asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt mixing plant
As the same as other equipment, asphalt mixing plant control system also must be maintained every day, the main content is discharge condensate, check the lubricating oil and air compressor system management and maintenance. Since the discharge condensate involves the entire pneumatic system, it is necessary to prevent water droplets from entering the control element. When the pneumatic device is running, you should check whether the oil mist drip is in line with the requirements, oil color is normal, the dust, moisture and other impurities cannot be mixed into them. The daily management of air compressor systems is nothing more than sound, temperature and lubricants, etc., make sure that these can not exceed the prescribed standards.
When purchasing asphalt mixing plant, the manufacturer technical personnel on the equipment lubrication requirements have made important reminders, including the lubrication of various parts. In this regard, the user has also developed a strict standard to be standardized as follows:
First of all, the various components must be regularly added appropriate lubricants;
Secondly, to the lubricating oil quantity must be kept filling, the oil pool should reach the standard level, not excessive or too little, otherwise it will affect the operation of parts;
Then, to the oil quality, it must be clean, no dirt, dust, chips and moisture and other impurities mixed, so as to avoid poor lubrication and damage to the mixing station parts.
Finally, the lubricate oil in the tank should be replaced regularly, the tank must be cleaned before change to avoid contamination of the new oil. In order not to be affected by external factors, tanks and other containers should maintain good seal, so that impurities can not invade.


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